Off-grid Solar Thermal Technology by Clique Solar, India

Clique Solar, a pioneer in the off-grid solar thermal technology, has been awarded the Intersolar Europe Award 2013 for their innovative technology – ARUN®, in the Solar Thermal Technologies category.

ARUN® is a ‘fresnel paraboloid solar concentrator dish’ that has been installed at various locations across India like NTPC, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mahanand Dairy, Chitale dairy, ITC Hotels, TVS Group, BARC, etc. It is being used for various industrial processes like effluent evaporation, sterilization, milk pasteurization for dairy, steam generation for laundry & food processing, comfort cooling, industrial canteen cooking, etc.

clique solar arun

Clique correctly identifies the gap which a product like this could fill for India, and all industry-process heavy countries, in the form of getting off oil dependency and lowering costs, while eliminating CO2 emissions in the burning of fuel.

In a perfect world this would already be in use everywhere it was needed.


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